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Hey there!

I know I haven't updated this in, well, years now. But I need to use it again to promote some of my Ebay sales.

Due to personal reasons (I've been struggling with depression and anxiety in the last year), I had to leave my job and now I'm in need of some money to move from my parents' house and pay my master degree. What I want to study is in another city, an expensive one. I managed to pay the first payment (almost 1000€, holy smokes!) and there are 6 more to go, and I will also need money to move and pay the rent. I can't ask my parents for money (they wouldn't give me a cent anyway).

I wish I could ask for commissions but I'm zero talented at anything. I used to draw in the past but not anymore, and I can't write to save my life.

The only thing I can exchange for money is my vast collection of anime stuff. During the 2000s I had a steady job, so I amassed a good collection of doujinshi based on anime, videogames and visual rock. I also have a few BJDs which I'm probably going to sell as well when I figure out their price in the market. If you could signal boost the hell out of this, I would be very very grateful!

Hetalia Doujinshi * Full Metal Alchemist * Yun Kouga (Loveless, Naruto) * Lamento * Kyou Kara Maou

Yami no Matsuei * D.Gray-man * Ace Attorney * Gankutsuou * Gackt * From Eroika with Love

Dearmine's Oriental Lycoris Siamy

Volks' FCS F28

Volks' SD13 Nono

DoD's Bee-a

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