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I'm pretty much desperate to sell things, and after the doujinshi sale fiasco, I'm now looking at my BJDs in order to gain some money. Please, please, if you could signal boost this, I would sing and dance at your wedding appreciate it very much.

It's a Dearmine's Oriental Lycoris Siamy.

You can check the website information about her here. As you can see, it's currently sold-out.

I can't remember for thee life of me how much I paid when I bought her some years ago, I think it was over USD350. I'm offering her for 250€ on Ebay. Here's the link.
That price includes head, body, attachable ears and tail, plastic eyes, wig and clothes (the kimono you see in the picture). It also includes her original box and cushions.

The shipping cost outside Spain is expensive af. I checked how much would be EMS to the United States and it was more than 70€. Alas! I can ask for more economic shipping services.

To be honest, I rather not sell her but I'm really really desperate.

If you have any questions or want to see more photos, ask away! I don't bite!

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