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I wrote this on Tumblr and I'm crossposting this here because of reasons, ahaha... OTL

There were two Gatiss!Mycrofts in my dream… well, they were more like twins? And both Mycrofts were sitting in a couch, in front of Sherlock who was wearing a fur coat. He was obviously feeling very hot because they were in the middle of the summer and he was sweating too much, but he wouldn’t take off his coat…

But then, the two Mycrofts started, er, kissing each other. Passionately.

Does that mean I'm, er, sexually frustrated?


Please, don’t judge me.

Last night I had a dream: I was writing in my LJ until I noticed I was doing it in Spanish. I said to myself "hey, most of your friends in your F-list won't understand it!". WTF?? Sorry, subconscious?? I think I don't get you...

Oh, thanks to my dearest dear [ profile] nylara_black I received my Hetalia One Coin figures round #2. They're so beautifully made! Specially the painting! <3

Only 1 photo... oh well )
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Last night I had a VERY weird dream. Well, it was more like a nightmare. Lately I have been having lots of dreams, but this one was very disturbing ^^;

Let's see... it was like an American movie, and it was starred by a family who lived in a caravan in the country. The parents who were 40 something, their 18 y/o daughter and the dog, a cute yellow Labrador (like mine!). In my dream, the dog got lost and the father went to look for him. After walking for an hour more or less, he found a group of hippies (???) around a bonfire, singing and drinking. One of the girls of the group sees him and tries to persuade him to drink with them, but the father declines as he has to keep looking for his lost dog.

But the girl is a persistent one, and tries to hit on him, following him all the way to the caravan. The father tries to say that he's married and has a daughter, and he isn't interested in having any affair with a girl 20 years younger than him, but she's very stubborn! In the end, he enters the caravan, goes to the living room, gets a riffle and shots her, killing the poor girl in the act! But while doing that, the man is crying as he knows he's committing a crime...

Next day, he confesses his crime to his daughter. She's very shocked, but somehow understand why her father did what he did and tries to help him hiding the corpse. They end putting it in the bathtub. But the mother, without knowing anything, wants to take a bath (the same bath the corpse is hidden, if things weren't enough complicated!). The daughter tries to persuade her to take a bath in the other bathroom (for a caravan, it's huge!), since she wants to shower THERE. The mother agrees (but she isn't very convinced) and goes to the other bathroom. AND THEN, I WOKE UP. Dammit! I wanted to see the end of the movie... er, I meant to say, the dream.

Jokes aside, when I woke up, my heart beat like hell and I found myself in a sea of sweat ^^;; Every time I remember the image of the corpse hidden in the bathtub, it gives me goosebumps... WTF subconscious?? What are you trying to tell me?? I wonder what would Freud think about this? Something pervy, for sure!

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