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Five days. Only FIVE MORE DAYS. OTL

The JLPT (aka Noken) level N3 is hunting me in my dreams. S- seriously... I shouldn't have signed up, I'm probably going to fail anyway. My Japanese teacher is convinced I'm going to pass, and it makes anxious to deceived her. SENSEI, IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT, IT'S MINE! LOL

On the other hand, I should look on the bright side of life: I've never learned a language this quickly (well, not that I know Japanese, but you know what I mean). I spent lots of years (since I was 8 or 9 y/o) trying to learn English, and I still fail a lot, specially when it comes to grammar and pronunciation. With French was more or less easy since it's a romance language like Spanish, but after years without using it, I forgot almost everything... OTL So I guess it's not that bad, isn't it? (tell me I'm right).
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 Guess what? 

Why so happy?? )
Oops, I haven't written for week, but I've been busy with... well, with everything.

Maybe you know what JLPT is (also known as Noken). If you don't, I suggest you to check the link I provided a few words before XD Last december, I did the 3rd level. In december 2008 I did level 4 and I had good luck, so I decided to try a higher level, as I improved my knowledge of Japanese.

Most of the countries where the Noken is held receive the results in february/march. The city were I took the exam is a bit, er, special. Last year I received my certificate in the beginning of april. This year, I haven't received them yet because... they got lost.


I sent the administration of the University a bunch of e-mails, and a very nice Japanese teacher replied me that the mail got lost because the address was wrong. They wrote the name of my town in the place of the street and vice versa. I asked them to send the results to me again, but to a new address. Just in case.

The truth is I don't really mind if I passed or not. I just want to receive them and take it easy.

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